My passion

Everyone in this world have their own dream, their passion in life. Likes everyone else, I have passion too. I really love fashion since I was in elementary school, seriously. I like to dressing up to looks different than other student. Using something fancy and unique, sometimes I matched my bag and my outer haha. So yaa I really love fashion.
I think fashion is more than dressing up, it shows what's our personality&moods, oh and good taste of fashion. Fashion is more than buy fashion brand or fashion item but the real fashion is how you mixing it into something good looking. That's only my opinion anyway. Beside that, I'm interested in business. I made a brand called Allure Indonesia (instagram @allureindonesia).
Now, I have new hobbies.. makeup! I spent my leisure time to watching makeup tutorial LOL 😅 Sometimes I think I wanna be makeup artist but still amateur until now. So ya, that's my passion. How about you? Don't forget to tap follow button and leave comment and let me know about your passion♡